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Termite Damage Can Go Undetected And Is Not Covered By Homeowners Policies.
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Termite Damage Can Go Undetected And Is Not Covered By Homeowners Policies.

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StateWide Termite and Pest Control offers Pest Control Services in OKC & surrounding areas! Call our Oklahoma City Pest Control and Termite Remediation Specialists to schedule your appointment today.

Ants and Roaches

Our Inside-Out program for ants and cockroaches relies on two cutting-edge “undetectable” control products to attack these pests on all fronts: Phantom inside and Termidor outside your home. Together, they form an incredibly versatile, comprehensive pest control tandem that can be adapted to your particular situation. As pest control professionals, we recommend the program best suited to your problems. Call StateWide Termite and Pest Control in Oklahoma City for the best in termite remediation.


Ridding your home of spiders can be a challenging task. It will take a multi-front approach to achieve this goal. First, the insect population in your home must be kept under control. Remove their prey, and spiders won’t have a reason to stay. Second, we must maintain a barrier (mechanical and chemical) around your home, so spiders don’t accidentally stroll inside. If spiders haunt your dreams, then we would recommend quarterly inspections and treatments to eliminate insect activity and maintain barriers. Our OKC Pest Control business offers special pricing for both quarterly and twice-a-year commitments.


Termites can be detrimental to your home. Visit our termite section to learn more. 

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