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What’s New? Its Termite Season! Spring time is termite swarm season in Oklahoma. Homeowners often mistake swarming termites for ants with wings. Sometime all you (Mr./Mrs. homeowner) will see are wings on a window sill inside your home. The swarmers will knock their wings off and try to make their way back to the soil below your home’s foundation. They will not go away on their own,these unwanted guest’s have to be evicted and Statewide has the perfect solution. If you suspect that you have had a termite swarm call Statewide today to schedule a termite inspection. Here are some common questions and answers. We are highly qualified in termite remediation and are looking forward to meeting your termite remediation needs.

Q) If I have a swarm what should I do?

A) You should make note of where the swarm is originating from if possible and allow them to swarm out. We suggest taking a garbage bag and placing it over the area where the swarm is occurring from and letting them swarm. Swarmers will continue until all the swarmers are out of the swarm castle. If you try to use a pesticide spray on it you will only prolong the agony and cause what will appear to be another swarm.

Q) My house was just treated a few months ago and I am having a swarm, why?

A) There could be several reasons this is happening, first you could have had a partial treatment and the area the swarm is coming from was not covered, second you may have been treated after the termites were already in the swarm castle and above the treated zone. In either case I would recommend calling the company that did your treatment and allow them to explain this better to you.

Q) Since my house was treated I won’t ever have termites again correct?

A) No that is not correct, the products on the market today, even the Termidor that we use, has a life expectancy of about 12 to 15 years and that is all. If the company that treated your house gave you the option to renew your guarantee after the initial period I would suggest doing it. Do it for your sake and for your home’s sake.

Termites are a serious issue and it is important to address them as soon as possible. Call StateWide Termite and Pest Control for the best in termite remediation service in OKC.

We are located in Oklahoma City ready to serve your termite remediation needs. Call our termite remediation specialists today! We are looking forward to helping with your termite remediation needs.

Here are some termite pictures click on them for a short video!

termite swarm video, termite extermination, termite remediation

termite swarm video, termite extermination, termite remediation

termite swarm video, termite extermination, termite remediation

Here are just some pictures of termite swarms.

picture of termite swarm

termite swarm

termite swarm

another picture of termite swarm

Look at the photos on this page and don’t let this be you. Call the OKC Termite Remediation Specialists today! Have no fear our termite remediation specialists are only a phone call away!